Access is a series of group shows initiated by fine art and curating students from Goldsmiths MFA, taking place between April 1—19.

Dispersed across Deptford in window fronts of local businesses, project spaces and online, it began as an effort to make the participating artists’ work available to Deptford’s communities when local art spaces had to shut due to the pandemic. This provoked a broader conversation about the kinds of bonds a largely international group of students can form with the neighbourhood that hosts them.

The 10+ exhibitions display paintings, sculptures, videos and prints by over 40 artists and curators. Locals and visitors can walk through Deptford to discover these exhibits.

We wish to thank all the businesses and locals involved for their support of this exhibition and we look forward to welcoming you to Access.


Part I: Experimentation in space
Taking place at the intersection between Pagnell Street and New Cross Road, SE14 6FD, London

From internet–sourced montages to complex systems of ecologies and distortions of video game footage. This series of works explore themes on intimacy, grief and anxiety within the human and non-human accelerated reality. Online or Offline—What does it mean to “occupy” space?

Works and artists:

Eagle & Hesitant Vehicles, Nicola Arthen; I Want To Give You Devotion, Oliver Crowther; Today a Year Ago (Moments), Alles Past Lavoro; Screensaver 1, Georgia Noble; Supernova, Maddy Plimmer; working conditions, Juliette Pénélope Pépin; Outer sphere of fire, Jean-François Krebs with: Claudia Wikse Barrow, Mario Musella, Amandine George, Christopher McClain; Exercises with Fire II, Olivia du Vergier; In Her Shadow, Maddy Plimmer; Screensaver 2, Georgia Noble; worldwideweb.iNews 00A- so fash, dieinternet.org; The Power of Believing (excerpt fromflow), Alles Past Lavoro.

Part II: Trapped on the Outside
Deptford Station, St Paul’s House, 3 Market Yard, Deptford, SE8 4BX, London

This series of works retell a story of simulation. Often tricked by our own eyes we are penetrated and re-combined in the brain. Working across different processes and intents—from photogrammetry software to edited graphics and visuals—the works confront us with the lenses of a dislocating sense of trespassing.

Works and artists:

Like a Star, Maddy Plimmer; Screensaver 3, Georgia Noble; Salt Ruptures No.3, Nikolai Azariah; Nostalgia 2.0, Gabriele Zemaityte (*as seen on Icarus_Blue on 28th of February, 3D space and navigation — Vytautas Niedvaras); Easter Spit-Roast, Eleni Zervou; Simulation – Episode 1 (Version 3), Max Petts; Screensaver 4, Georgia Noble; A Reason to Celebrate, Maddy Plimmer; FORM FREE THINK OK, Anne McCloy; carpark connection, Molly Haviland; Becoming Moss, Sam Risley; Place for Leaving, Gabriele Zemaityte.

Curated by Maria Valeria Biondo
Organised by Georgia Noble