Los Angeles, California. March 9, 2022.

Heidi Montag is spotted munching on a raw bison heart while running errands in L.A. She brings the meat in question along in a plastic bag, smiling whilst biting into it like one would to a pre-sliced, cream cheese, Thomas’ Bagel.

Last month Heidi also filmed herself nibbling on uncooked bull testicles.

A Pacified Existence

‘The subway during evening rush hour. What I see of the people are tired faces and limbs, hatred and anger. I feel that someone might at any moment draw a knife – just so, ..., ‘And yet, a couple of hours later, the same people, deodorized, washed, dressed-up or down, may be happy and tender, really smile, and forget (or remember). But most of them will probably have some awful togetherness or aloneness at home’

Costantine Marcuse, The Catastrophe of Liberation; One Dimensional Man, 1964

The fictional relation between gaze and landscape –
an economic vision
People are always, and never, at home. Moving through different landscapes while looking at their phones. A constant scrolling. Behind the aesthetic qualities of the landscape, we find words: the words of a foregone ritual. There are gyms, hotel rooms, cabins, and diners. The true quantifiable, the fictional (or real).

The TV inside the media unit is the scene of a series of relations between worlds that surrender to solitude. An exchange of words between speakers. An interior that could open up into practically anywhere, like some equivalent to a Hollywood film noir type. It all feels slightly wrong – out of place, the objects could potentially collapse into one another at any moment.

Standardization – an ideal vantage point

As an assembly of elements coexisting in a specific order, an inventory display based on objects of disparate provenance. The method: Lack of characterization – sameness – repetition – silence. The object turns into a shadow.

Spelling out – instructions for use

Naming strips content. Dissolves the TV sunset into the TV sunrise becoming the object of an untraceable line-direction- gesture. Cabinet units are just banalities that exist(ed) between practicality and memory. An awkward set of references that establish themselves in places like rooms, safes and armchairs. Familiar places of protection.

The end of leisure – cognitive dissonance – the infosphere

Activated through screens – on our phones and computers
– an endlessly stream of sameness – the same disembodied experiences. Slow, micro-managed ruinations, “Please copy me on all emails related to...” The end of contemplation is the always present communication. The speakers exchange.

Heidi, the heart and the glitch

Celebrity eating and being eaten. Hollywood and its pacified existence, disrupted by one of the many momentary glitches of
a life passed by. A few seconds of indulgence – consummation. Ignorant of the dish’s ancient splendor: erase. Of a life passing by.

Maria Valeria Biondo