On MH Sarkis - Limerent

(approximately) 7 minutes

A Voight-Kampff-like-test.

Interactive art and the potential of interactive media.- Limerent makes me question the relation between gender and technology -. -Is an invitation to take up its social and aesthetic interventions -.

‘You will incite the change’- If you want to know me, I want to know you too.

Motion-sensing technology. Can it feel me when I step into its chamber? I can feel it descending over me, encompassing my body with its body. Our presence is one. It’s dissolving the barrier between this human and this machine. We are becomings, one-open-system.

Limerent is a dynamic deconstruction of coded relationships. Its pseudo-organic aesthetics play a part in this experience that is  happening here and now.

I like it. It’s truly personal and scary. And, in those 7 minutes it is for me, and it knows me.  During that moment, I feel embarrassed yet safe, when I let myself be open/opened.  


“when someone asks me about my politics I send this video”
Monday Nov 5 2018